Demonstrates our industry’s strong commitment to best practice animal welfare.

Our Mission is to Provide a  World Leading Animal Welfare Program

The Australian Livestock Processing Industry Animal Welfare Certification System (AAWCS) is an independently audited certification program used by Australian processors to demonstrate compliance with the industry best practice animal welfare standards titled the ‘Industry Animal Welfare Standards for Livestock processing Establishments Preparing Meat for Human Consumption’ (The Standards)

RSPCA, Animals Australia, state and federal regulators, Industry specialist and animal welfare experts have been involved in development and updating the Standard since 2005.

The AAWCS has been developed to help Australian processing establishments demonstrate their commitment to industry’s best practice animal welfare system.

65 establishments across Australia are currently certified which covers approximately 80% of Australia’s red meat production. Certified processors have exclusive rights to use the AAWCS Trademark to promote their certification status to their customers.


A number of establishments actively use the Trademark to underpin their brands on the domestic market and internationally. 

Participation in the AAWCS is available to any processing establishment in Australia that processes the major commercially farmed species including cattle and calves, sheep, pigs, deer, goats, buffalo and horses (excluding poultry).